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How much is the equipment?

Well that is a good question. If you lease the basic ADT, Protection One, Matson, Oasis, Security First etc… It will probably cost you $99.00 - $299.00 and you will have to sign a multi-year contract. That will cover the basics, you will never own it and if anyone offers FREE, remember free isn’t free.  

Our difference is you OWN-IT from day one!


Includes: one (1) alarm control, one (1) interior siren, one (1) keypad,  two (3) door/window sensors, one (1) motion detector, battery backup,  transformer, telephone connection, and all installation for $299.00

If you want to protect additional areas they will cost you approximately  $50.00 per location (doors/windows), $65.00 per location (motion  detectors), listed price is for hardwired devices.

How much is it to take over an existing burglar or fire alarm system. If we can program the system there is a $49.95 activation fee (Gas is getting expensive).

If we cannot reprogram, it will cost you whatever the wholesale cost is of the panel. Most burglary panels cost between $120.00 - $300.00 and you will own it.

Right now most all alarm company contracts are leases and the control panels belong to the installing alarm company. With us you will always have the ability to manage who monitors your alarm system, because you OWN-IT!

Monthly Monitoring Charges:

P.O.T.S. (plain old telephone service) monitoring is $15.00 per-month

24/7-365 a year, our STANDARD cellular monitoring is $25.00 per-month

24/7-365 a year, our INTERACTIVE cellular monitoring is $30.00 per-month

Explanation of monitoring charges:

Residential Customer owned equipment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring of burglary, fire, and panic is $15.00 a month.

No long term agreement, you can choose whether you want to take advantage of ($15.00 a month) a multi-year contract. Get locked in for as many years as you like or only quarterly.

Company leased equipment:

OTHER ALARM COMPANY LEASE DEALS = Paying an INSTALLATION FEE,  never owning the equipment, and paying for warranty when electronic  equipment life cycle is five (5) to seven (7) years.

        For example: $500.00 is the INSTALLATION-FEE

$25.00 X 2 YEARS= $600.00    $30.00 X 2 YEARS= $720.00    $35.00 X 2 YEARS= $840.00    $40.00 X 24= $960.00


Note: above is lease pricing dependent own the SALE, it does not  include; interactive, cellular, opening / closing, warranty service  charges, or whatever the Salesman can UP SALE you.

I checked on Pinnacle Security yesterday and the deal over the phone was  pretty good; Alarm panel with cellular $299.99 $41.99 a month, and ONLY  A 42 MONTH CONTRACT! Hmmm, $1,763.58



P.S. We are not liked very much in the industry we love

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